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Submitting work or asking your teacher a question

Moving forward, we are going to change the way we use Purple Mash slightly. From now on, when posting your work to Purple Mash, we would like you to make sure that you post it to your 'Work' folder. You can upload any pictures, Word documents, Power Points or videos to there for us to have a look at and give you feedback on your work. When you upload any work to your folder only you and your teacher can see it, not the rest of your class. 

How to add work to the work folder

Still image for this video
You are also able to upload multiple documents at once to your work area:

When taking photos of work please take the photo up close and make it nice and big - that way we can see what we are marking. 



Rather than: 

When a photo has been added to your 'My Work' folder teachers are able to open the photo and zoom in to see your work in more detail. 

We are also happy for your parents to check through any written work and help you to mark it - you could mark it together using a different colored pen. Any mistakes you make you could re-do in a different colour - just like we do with the purple pens in school. 



Please remember that when you upload something into the work area it must have an appropriate title e.g.

Once you have uploaded your work you don't need to worry about telling us on the blog, we will be regularly checking your folders and marking your work in there.

 If you complete any French work, please post it to the French blog for Miss Baldwin to be able to see. 

Please now use the Year Group and class blogs as a space to ask us any questions you may have about the work, not for putting your work onto.

We will keep trying to look at your work and will mark it as soon as we can. We are very busy creating lots of lovely lessons and activities for you as well as making sure we keep ourselves and our families safe so please bare with us on this! 


Stay safe and we will see you soon, 


All the staff at Middleton Primary School!