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Sport at Middleton

Milton Keynes School Sports Partnership 'Primary School Of The Year Award' 2020

Our Sporting Aims

  At Middleton Primary school we try and encourage as many children as possible to take part in sport and activity. We have a well rounded PE curriculum aimed at giving the children the necessary skills to access any activity a child wishes to. We also we have lots of extra-curriculum activities for children to take part in, and we strive to offer children as many different opportunities after school as possible. Some after school clubs are run by external providers with specialisms in particular sporting areas.


  As well as our PE and after school club program, we strive to take part in as many fixtures and festivals as we can. Sports that we currently compete in are athletics, invasion games, net and wall and striking and fielding events. We aim to provide as many opportunities for children as possible whilst remaining competitive in the elite competitions we enter. We expect that all of our children are positive and resilient when representing the school.


We were award the Gold Standard School Games Mark for 2019/20. If we achieve this again in the academic year of 2020/21 then we will be able to apply for the Platinum Standard Mark. We have now held this for 4 consecutive years; our aim is to gain the new platinum award, which but for School closures in March 2020 postponing applications, we would have achieved already.

Physical Education


Children at Middleton have 2 hours PE a week; one indoor session with their class teacher and an outdoor session with Mr Beaumont. The school has high expectations of effort, behaviour and appearance in PE. For more information, including PE kits and what is on your year groups curriculum this year please see: Homepage -> About us -> Curriculum -> PE. 




Extra Curricular Clubs


We aim to provide children with at least 2 possible after school clubs/activities per year group, per half term.  In 2019/20 54% of the pupils in our school attended at least one sports club over the academic year. The figures only go up to March and there are generally more clubs during the summer months. This coupled with the fact Foundation clubs do not start until after Easter, means the figures would potentially have been far higher.


Until further notice, we will not be able to invite external club providers in. When this changes, the number of opportunities will increase. The club timetable is likely to chnage throughout the year depending on the availability of external coaches, timetabling the hall/field/MUGA and rotating the activities between year groups.A



After School Clubs September and October 2020

Clubs will be provided in class bubbles and delivered only by Middleton PE staff. When we can safely return to inviting external providers into School, our offer will be broader.


Monday = Year 2 Multi Sports Club


Wednesday = Year 1 Multi Sports Club


Thursday = Year 4 Multi Sports Club


Friday = Year 3 Multi Sports Club

Fixtures and Festivals


As a school we compete in numerous sports at various levels. During the 2019/20 academic year we competed and won various events across Milton Keynes, District and County level.  In the academic year of 2019/20, 226 out of the 360 (62%) children on roll in KS2 represented the school in at least a sport. We would have ensured these figures were much higher if we were to have had the remainder of the Spring and Summer terms.


  When safe to do so we will provide a broad range of opportunities for the students of Middleton by continuing to enter the broad variety of competitions the Milton Keynes School Sports' partnership offer, but also hosting inter/intra School sports on our site. This will support our aim of offering more sport to more children as often as we can facilitate.

For all updates on our Sports teams please see our PE Department Twitter feed @Sports1MPS