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Set: 2.10.20 Due 8.10.20

Reading is extremely important. Please try to read with your child daily and write the details into their reading record. 



WALT order and compare numbers 


We have been developing our place value knowledge this week by ordering and comparing numbers using the less than, more than and equal to symbols ( < > = )

You have got two 2Dos on Purple Mash to complete for your maths homework.

1 - click and drag the number tiles to put them into the correct order.

2 - use the comparing symbols in between the two numbers to make the statement correct.




WALT write an information text


We have been looking at the features of information texts in English this week. We know that they should include:

- a heading so the reader knows what the information text is going to be about

- an introduction to give a short description of the topic

- subheadings to organise and separate relevant information

- a picture to help the reader know what the information text is about

- a short caption to describe what the picture is showing


For your homework, we would like you to open the 2Do on Purple Mash and write an information text about you.

* heading, subheading, information and picture

** heading, introduction, subheading, information and picture

*** heading, introduction, subheading, information, picture and caption