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Set: 16.04.21 Due: 21.04.21


Through the week, all the children have retaken their Ability Test on Spellzone so their unit should be correct for their next steps in spelling. These are individually set spelling lists based on their score in the Ability Test.


Homework for this week is to log into Spellzone and complete your next unit. You should receive a certificate when it has been completed.


On Wednesday, we will check who has logged into Spellzone and completed their unit (or at least made a good attempt to complete it) and reward with Class Dojo points to encourage.



Homework for this week is linked to our learning about position and direction and has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.


When you open the 2Do you will get to this screen. Click on the Challenges button at the bottom.



Start on number 1 - find the treasure. For a challenge, write down the instructions that you take e.g. move 3 squares left then move 4 squares down.



When you have completed a challenge, click try another and it will take you to the next challenge. Again you can write the instructions down on a piece of paper if you want to. In the second challenge you need to click the number of moves as well as the direction you want to travel in e.g. right 4.