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Set: 07.05.21 Due: 12.05.21


Homework is linked to our grammar learning of conjunctions and is a 2Do on Purple Mash. We have looked at using a range of conjunctions in our writing to link sentences and ideas. 

Subordinating conjunctions - when, if, that, because

Coordinating conjunctions - or, and, but 


Please also continue to practise your child's spellings on Spellzone and read as much as possible.



Homework for this week is a 2Do on Purple Mash. Read the time on a clock and write what you would do at this time.


Open the 2Do and press the green add symbol in the corner of each box to choose a clock for you to use. In the writing box underneath, type what you would normally do at this time.

For example, The time is half past 7. This is the time that I get dressed for school.


Extension - Use the clocks to help you write a more detailed real or made up story in the writing boxes.


Mrs Foster's and Miss Fowler's maths group can use their TT Rockstars log in.