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In Science, we offer our children:


  • The ability to think independently and raise questions about working scientifically and the knowledge and skills that it brings. 
  • Confidence and competence in the full range of practical skills, taking the initiative in, for example, planning and carrying out scientific investigations. 
  • Excellent scientific knowledge and understanding which is demonstrated in written and verbal explanations, solving challenging problems and reporting scientific findings.
  • High levels of originality, imagination or innovation in the application of skills.
  • The ability to undertake practical work in a variety of contexts, including fieldwork.
  • A passion for science and its application in past, present and future technologies.


Science at Middleton! OPEN the powerpoint below to SEE MORE!

From Foundation and all the way through school children are encouraged to observe, explore and ask questions about living things, the material world and physical phenomena, gradually developing a more sophisticated understanding of scientific concepts.  Pupils engage in practical activities that give them opportunities to investigate, collect evidence, and draw conclusions by conducting tests.


This term we have taken part in the STEM 'Ditch the Dirt' challenge. The children learnt about how much water we consume in our days and then looked into people who are not fortunate enough to have clean water. 

Their challenge was to design, make and evaluate a water filter which could be used to clean the dirty water. 

We were very impressed with the team work, planning and evaluating that went on in each class. 

Science Day

This year Science Day was all was all about ‘exploration and discovery.’ The British Science Association announced that 2018 is also the year of engineering. In order to incorporate all of the above into our Science day we based it on bridges. In our Science assembly we thought about what it entailed to be a scientist and an engineer and put it into practice. Each year group did a different task; some year groups built bridges using different materials and methods, some year groups looked at the infrastructure of bridges and some experimented with what would happen when you changed certain variables when making a bridge. The children produced some superb findings and they definitely all explored and discovered!

Engineering talk for STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

We were very lucky to have in an Engineer to explain to us how important it is to learn about Science and how to put it to use in practical situations. 

We learnt about safety in Science and engineering, investigated different materials and how maths and Science are linked.   

Testing things out! It's so important when we're learning about how the world works.