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Science (Wednesday)

Wednesday 10th February

WALT observe constellations


Our science lesson today is linked to our book in English 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. Remember to look up like Rocket (from Look Up) and you will be able to see the stars.


What are constellations?

Constellations are arrangements of stars that are shown to represent objects, animals or mythological creatures. There are 88 official constellations and different ones can be seen in the night sky throughout the year.


Watch the stars and constellations video and click on the Stargazing link below.

What are stars and constellations?

Activity 1

Take a photo of you striking a constellation pose. Looking at your photo, draw your own constellation following the outline of your pose like this example.



Activity 2

Research the Greek myth of Orion the Hunter. There are lots of versions of this myth. Write a few sentences or paragraph about the myth and draw a picture to go with it.


Activity 3

Download an app called SkyView Lite on a phone or tablet to help you identify and find out about the different constellations that are above you in the sky. You can use this app at night or during the day - just point it at the sky. Research your favourite constellation that you have seen. Be creative with a way to share your favourite constellation. Can you make it out of sticks and stones? Can you poke holes (stars) in a piece of cardboard and shine a torch through it?


Activity 4

How many constellations can you find using the Constellation Spotting Checklist?


We would love to see you having a go at these activities. Take photos/videos and upload them to your Purple Mash.

Happy stargazing :)