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Thursday 26th March 2020


WALT: understand how our eyes detect light and how we see objects.


Hello Year 6!


Your Science task for today is to understand how our eyes detect light and how this helps us to see objects. Work your way through the power point presentation and follow the instructions below:



  1. There are some statements for you to order. These can be found below to print out and put into order. The PDF document is called how-we-see-things. The answers to these are on the next slide of the presentation or the next page of the PDF document.
  2. Draw the diagram that is on the power point presentation. This will help you understand how our brain helps us to detect a 'final image' of the object.
  3. Label each part of the eye. The key words are on the power point presentation and you can use the website links to help you identify each part. There is a document for you to use and label. As you are labeling your eye, can you identify the function of each part? Once you have labeled each part of the eye, take a photograph of it and upload it to you class Purple Mash blog. 



Write a statement or caption about each function of the eye. This can be hand written, typed on a Word document or straight into a Purple Mash blog.


If you have any questions, please ask on Purple Mash :)


All the best!

Miss Bird