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Thursday 2nd April 2020


WALT: identify how animals have adapted to suit their environment and understand that adaptation may lead to evolution.



Activity 1

Look at the two pictures of animal skulls. Which do you think is a predator and which is prey? Write a paragraph to give reasons for your answer.


Activity 2

Look at the table. All these animals have adapted to defend themselves from predators. Write in the box next to the animal what their adaptation is and why.


Activity 3

Research using the links provided an animal and create a booklet to show how this animal has adapted in extreme environments. You can hand make this or use a Purple Mash program.

Tuesday 31st March 2020


WALT: apply knowledge and understanding of food groups.


For today's lesson, you will need to use your knowledge and understanding of food groups to create a food diary.


You will need to consider your lifestyle and what nutrients your body needs to keep up with your lifestyle.


I have added the power point presentation that we used in the previous lesson as a reminder and a prompt.