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Human Teeth

Friday 27th March 

WALT: understand how to keep our teeth healthy 

Today we are going to learn about why its so important to keep our teeth healthy. 


  • Create a leaflet to give people tips and advice on how to take care of their teeth
  • This will be completed on purple mash so check your 2dos. 
  • You can include images and facts in your leaflet. 
  • Use these videos and information links to help gain information to put in your leaflet. 



Information link:


Human Teeth


Thursday 26th March

WALT: identify the different types of teeth and there function

Today we will be learning about the human teeth. We will learn about the different types of teeth and there functions. 

1. Work your way through the power point. Make sure you have clicked start from the beginning to access its features. 

2. Watch the youtube videos below. One is about the different functions of teeth and the other is about the structure of a tooth. This information will help you ace the quiz!



  • Go onto purple mash and complete your 2do task. This will be a quiz about the teeth and their functions.
    *Don’t forget to submit your work*


  • How are our teeth different to a lions? Look at the diagram on the power point. Write a few sentences explaining the similarities and differences between human teeth and lions teeth.