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Welcome to our School Council Page!


The School Council at Middleton empowers all pupils to have a voice.


At the beginning of the Autumn term, each year group had the opportunity to elect two school councillors; one boy and one girl. Each child who wanted to be considered for the role had to present to the class why they felt they would be a good representative, acting as the voice between pupils and staff.


It isn’t an easy job; organisation and listening skills are vital!  The successful  representatives for 2021-22 are:


Year 1-  Harry and Katie 

Year 2 – Sapphire and Joshua

Year 3 – Eli and Cosette

Year 4 – Zach and Chloe

Year 5 – Harrison and Ama

Year 6 – Kingsley and Ava 


You can recognise our school councillors by the school council badges they wear with pride. There is also a display in the small hall with all their photos on. Keep an eye on the school council board for up and coming charitable events and don’t forget: if you have a suggestion for how to improve the school or an idea for fund-raising, please let your school council representative know. 


Together we can make Middleton an even more amazing place to be.

Look out for these children, they are your school councilors!