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Return to school on June 2nd plans

Details for parents about return to school on June 2nd

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope this finds you safe and well.

The Government have announced that they want schools to be prepared to reopen on the 2nd June for our Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils (1st June is a planned INSET day which we will need to use to prepare the school building fully for reopening). The Government aim is then to open to all year groups on the 22nd June.  We have been working very closely with the other primary schools within our trust to consider how we can best support this request. Apologies for the delay in sending you this information, but we wanted to ensure our plan was as comprehensive as possible before sending it to you.


The safety and wellbeing of children, staff and the community is our prime objective. I wanted to share the principles that are informing the detailed work we are undertaking. Please note that this is subject to change. Our plans have been approved by the school’s Senior Leadership Team, our Local Governing Body and all of our staff, although the Board of Directors of our trust are meeting to give final approval to the plans next week. The Government themselves also need to make the final decision whether or not schools will open on June 1st – we expect that to be made by Thursday 28th May.


The Government guidance states that classes ‘should be split in half, with no more than 15 pupils’ per small group’. The guidance acknowledges that ‘pupils cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart’. We will encourage social distancing as far as is possible but this will not be fully effective within the classes of 15. Instead of rigorous social distancing, the Government have set out a range of measures to support us in keeping children safe. You will find further details about these measures in the attached document, as well as how Key Workers Club and Online Learning will continue for all pupils.


Having small classes has implications for how many children we can safely accommodate on site at any given time. All of our classes are full with 30 children in each class. We do not have the space or potentially the staff to reopen the school safely, on a full time basis, to all of the children. It is reasonable to assume that if/when school does fully reopen this term, it will not be on a full time basis.


We are keen that there is consistency for all pupils and limiting unnecessary change seems prudent. Therefore, we will reopen on the 2nd June in a way that is fair and potentially sustainable for when we might be directed by the government to re-open to all of our year groups. The Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6 children will attend school on a rota system – one week in school, one week at home. Further details on how this will work can be found in the attached document. This approach is being taken by all of the schools in our trust and as mentioned earlier, has been approved by our Local Governing Body.  


Thank you all for your support during this difficult time. We really appreciate your positive messages and engagement with us. We are all in this together and together we will make the best of a challenging situation.


Please remember we are here for you. If there is anything we can do to help, please contact us at