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PSHE (Thursday)

Before we start our lesson today, I would like you to listen to the story below. I read it to my little boy Ezra at bedtime last week and I knew it would be perfect to share with you too. It has a moral to the story (just like we have learnt about in our English lessons).


I really like how it shows us just how important it is to respect everyone's differences - just like our Value of the Month for January. 

You're Too Small! by Shen Roddie | Read Aloud Stories for Kids

Thursday 11th February
WALT: Understand and express our Value of the Month (Kindness)


There are two more videos below to help you begin to think about our value of kindness. 

Sesame Street: Kindness | Elmo's World

Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter

The main task for today's lesson is to think about how YOU could help make the world a kinder place. Use some of the ideas from the videos above to help you mind map (using the sheet below).


Think about ways to show kindness at school, at home, with friends, with family, with animals, the environment, with shop keepers, nurses, the postman....EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE.


Once you have completed the main task, you can choose to complete some of the other kindness activities I have put together for you. There is a kindness wordsearch, a book list of other books about kindness (you may not have any of these at home but most will be on youtube - please only use youtube with adult supervision).



You could also

- create a poster encouraging people to be kind

- create a kindness video to teach others how to be kind

- create your own kindness song (I've attached one below as an example).

- colour a kindness quote and display it in your window (or create your own kindness quote)


If you can think of ANY other way you can spread kindness and encourage others to be kind feel free to do these too and share them with us on Purple Mash.



Kindness by The Juicebox Jukebox - Be Kind Kids Song Childrens Music New World Kindness Day 2021

Now this song is stuck in my head!