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Cosmic Kids Yoga | Cracker the Dragon 🐉

Let's get our day started with a good stretch and a deep dive into imaginary lands! We've got the perfect mix of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

Can you find a calm space in your house to do the Cosmic Kids yoga session?


This video is called Saturday Morning Yoga, however you can do it whichever day you like and get your whole family involved. There are relaxation activities and a yoga disco too for you to try!

Knights, Castles & Dragons

Listen to Knights, Castles & Dragons (Dragon Hunt) on BBC Sounds


Listen to and follow Knights, Castles & Dragons to go on the hunt for a naughty dragon. You will need a partner for some of the dancing/ movement so grab an adult or a sibling!

Junk Modelling - Castles


Can you use different recyclable materials around your house to construct a castle? You can make it as big or small as you like.


Think carefully about the different parts of castle (look back over the Parts of Castle PowerPoint to remind you) and see if you can include these in your model. You may want to add colour to your castle by painting it or colouring it with pens/ crayons/pencils. 



Challenge! Can you design your castle before you begin to construct it on the design sheet?

Mrs Booth designing and making a junk model castle

Still image for this video

Knight School


In the story ‘Zog’, the dragons attend Dragon School to complete their training.


We want you to become the coach of your own Knight’s School to train up fantastic knights!


Think carefully about different exercises you want your knights to learn and how many you want them to complete. E.g 20 star jumps, 5 touch your toes.


Aim for between 5 and 10 different exercises. Can you train the rest of your household?


Challenge! Can you write your exercises down or film your own P.E with Joe style video?

Mrs Turner’s Knight School Training Video

Still image for this video

Mrs Neilson’s Princess and Dragon Exercise Video

Still image for this video

Mazes - Pencil Control

Can you hold your pencil correctly and help the Knights and Princesses to navigate their way through the mazes?


If you hit a dead end you have to turn around and try and different route! Try to control the line you draw and keep within the walls of the maze.


Challenge! Can you create a maze of your own and ask somebody in your house to complete it?