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Position & Movement Game

Work through the Position & Movement Game PowerPoint. Can you go outside in the garden (or inside your house in a clear space) and complete the actions?

Challenge! Can you come up with some movements of your own and write these down to test out on your family?

Making a Playdough Brick House

Still image for this video

Can you use your playdough to create some bricks and build a wall of the house of the 3rd Little Pig?

How can you stack your bricks to make sure the house is as strong as possible?


You may want to build the whole of the house and include a door, windows etc.


Please share a picture of your playdough brick house on Purple Mash. smiley

The Three Little Pigs - Cutting Skills Activity

Can you choose an outfit for The Three Little Pigs by cutting out the clothes carefully and sticking them on?

(You may want to use your pigs to complete the retelling the story activity smiley)

The Three Little Pigs Colouring

By popular demand we have included some themed colouring this week!


Can you choose a picture to colour in from the story?

Can you hold your colouring pencil or pen correctly?

Can you select appropriate colours?

Can you try and stay within the lines?


If you do not have a printer at home, you can draw and colour a picture of your own from the story.

Can you find a calm space in your house to do the Cosmic Kids yoga session?