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Perfect Photography!

Lewis in Year 4 has taken these amazing photographs and has inspired this photo challenge!

Look at his amazing work!

Would you like to take some amazing landscape photos whilst out on walks with your family? You could watch the video below for some hints and tips on how to take an amazing landscape photo and then email them to We would love to post your photos on this web page and eventually we'd like to print some to be put up around the school building. We can't wait to see your photos! 

How to Take the Best Landscape Photos 📸 | Photography Tutorial for Kids

Ever wondered how to take amazing Landscape photos? Here are our Landscape tips.

Mrs Baldwin has captured these beautiful images around our local area.

Mrs Dyer took these photos out on her daily walks over the last few days.

Mr Higgs has taken these fantastic pictures whilst out on a run!

Incredible photos from Julia!

Noah took these brilliant photographs whilst out on a walk with his family. Look at how he has captured the sunset!

Each week we'll add a new photo challenge! We hope you enjoy taking some amazing photos!