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Physical Education


Children at Middleton have 2 hours PE a week; one indoor session with their class teacher and an outdoor session with Mr Beaumont, Mr Timajo or Miss Wilcox. The school has high expectations of behaviour and appearance in PE. School

PE kit should consist of the following:


Foundation, Year 1, Year 2:

Green Middleton/plain t-shirt, black shorts, socks, dark tracksuits top/bottoms and trainers or plimsolls

  • Newly pierced ears must be taped (please provide tape)
  • Long hair must be tied back


Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Green Middleton/plain t-shirt, black shorts, socks, dark tracksuits top*/bottoms and trainers and shin pads

  • We have a strict non jewellery policy (religious exceptions excluded)
  • Newly pierced ears must be taped (please provide tape)
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Shoe laces must be tied
  • Water bottles can be used in lessons
  • A hat can be worn in winter
  • Children will need to bring in shin pads when they are taking part in Hockey lessons. The school does have some spares but not enough for a class of 30 (Please see the curriculum Map below for details) 

*Middleton Branded tracksuit tops are available please email for more information


Please also ensure suitably warm clothing is brought during the colder months. Pupils have one outdoor lesson every week and need to ensure they have extra layers on top of just t-shirts and shorts.

Girls can wear leggings rather than tracksuit bottoms and under garment performance/base layers are often more suitable than big jumper tops.


We would ask for your support on the following

  • Items of clothing are named. This should help with returning the vast amount of lost kit to their owners
  • You encourage children to either put their school uniform on a peg in the changing room or in their PE bag depending on where the class get changed. Hopefully this should avoid school uniform being mistakenly taken or lost
  • We encourage key stage 2 children to be responsible for their own PE kits as we know parents have lots of other things to remember. Where possible PE kits should come into school on a Monday and go home on a Friday if they are dirty, wet or need washing
  • If your child is attending an after school club could children aim to bring in a different kit to school uniform which is suitable for the activity. As children go home in kits, having used a different kit to school uniform should avoid forgetting to bring them back in for PE lessons
  • Please send suitable alternatives from their wardrobe as a short term solution, as we aim for 100% participation

Throughout the school year, your child's PE kit may need to contain different items. In the winter months children will need warmer clothing, including gloves and hats. Please note we will not allow children to wear their school jumper or tights underneath their shorts when going out to PE,


If your child is learning about a specific topic then they may need some extra items. These are as follows:

  • Rugby and football - children will be on the field so we would advise that they wear boots (the school has some spare pairs) or trainers that you do not mind them getting dirty
  • Football and Hockey - Shin pads


All other sporting equipment will be provided by the school; there is no need to rush out and buy Hockey sticks or Badminton Rackets.


Below is the full school PE curriculum map so you can see when in the academic year your child will be learning about the different sports.