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PE & Sport Funding

PE & Sport Grant funding, which is in addition to main school funding, is allocated by the DfE to improve the quality of PE and sporting activities offered to pupils.


Current Academic Year 2020-2021

The PE & Sport Funding this year is £21,410. This is being spent in the following ways;


  • Modelling HQ PE lessons – to ensure all teachers are confident when teaching PE
  • PE Co-ordinator support – to help the PE Co-ordinator lead the subject successfully providing a strong lead for others
  • CPD opportunities – so all staff are able to develop their ability in teaching the subject and also their subject knowledge is kept up to date
  • Sport competitions / increasing participation – giving all children the opportunity to represent the school and participate in new and exciting sporting activities
  • Provision of places in After School Sports Clubs – providing a wide variety of high quality activities that children may have limited access to outside of School


The reports below relate to PE & Sports Funding allocations and expenditure for previous years.