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PE challenge

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Year 6 PE Challenge

6th January 2021

WALT – Make our hearts beat faster by designing our own fitness circuit


How to take part in the challenge…..

Below is a video link explaining the challenge:


To take part in the challenge you will need:

  • Enough space to complete exercises comfortably
  • A watch/timer
  • Potential some sporting equipment
  • Access to the internet to research some ideas


You will spend 60s completing each action. You can choose to have a rest period between exercises or go straight into the next exercise!

Station 1 must be shoulder taps

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The second station must be gymnast pikes

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Stations 3, 4, 5 and 6 = you can choose the remaining 4 activities. Here is some guidance:

  • One activity must work your leg muscles, one must work your arm/shoulder muscles and one must work your core/stomach muscles
  • You must actually be able to do the exercises/activities well! Do not choose activities that you can only perform badly as this risks injury.
  • If in doubt, choose simple activities!
  • When researching ideas, you want to find ‘bodyweight only’ moves. Do not try and use other objects
  • If you wish you could add a simple sport skill task as one of the stations. See how your skills hold up under fatigue (if you do not know what the word fatigue means then investigate!)


Decided how many rounds you will complete – off you go!



Repeat you circuit a day or two later. Change one of the following:


  • Try to increase the time you spend on each exercise
  • Try to decrease the rest in between each exercise
  • Try to complete more repetitions of each exercise than the previous day each round


Good luck!