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Activity 5 - Quiz


I'll be hosting another quiz on Thursday 28th May at 11:15am on the Hawks Twitter page -


Same rules apply from the previous quiz. Please encourage members of your household to join in :D This quiz will approximately take 30 minutes. If possible, please be ready and prompted for an 11:15am start. 


Hope to see you there!

Miss Bird

Activity 1 - Well-being bingo


Try and complete as many of these this week!

Activity 2 - Gratitude jar


Think of all the things that you have been grateful for in these uncertain times, write them on a strip of paper and add them to a decorated gratitude jar. 

Activity 3 - Day of the dead mask


I watched Coco the other day and then saw this when looking for activities. I know how much many of you enjoyed the film when we watched it, so I thought you would like this too!

Activity 4 - Movie scene


Recreate your favourite movie scene and take a photograph as a freeze frame! Here is an example of E.T. below