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Invention Design Sheet

Wacky Invention Design Sheet


Monty is a wacky inventor who loves to create things!


Can you design a new invention to go into his book? Can you draw a picture of your invention and label the different parts? What is it called? What does it do? What is it made of?


Challenge! Can you make a model of it from junk modelling?


Monster Design Sheet

Monster Design Sheet


What ingredients would you add to make your own monster?

Can you design it on the Monster Design sheet? What is it called? Is it friendly? What does it look like?


Challenge! Can you create a piece of art work of your monster? You could use paint, chalk, collage etc? You may want to sculpt it out of playdough (see activity in Physical column)

Monster Colouring


Can you colour in the monsters? Make them bright and colourful!


Challenge! Can you complete the Colour by Number monsters? Match up the number to the correct colour on the key

Biscuit Decorating & Cookie Recipe

Monster Biscuit Decorating


Can you get creative and decorate a biscuit to look like a monster?

You can use whatever you like to decorate it? Icing, sweets, fruit etc.


If you don’t want to decorate a biscuit, you could bake some cookies for the cookie monster!