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Work through and discuss the ‘Parts of a Castle’ PowerPoint


Go through the PowerPoint on castles and discuss each different feature and its purpose.


Look at a the picture of Windsor Castle or the Disney Cinderella Castle. What features can you see? Can you label the different areas you can see? Use the word mat to support you.


Challenge! Can you design your own castle and label the different areas?

Creating a Shield

All About Me Shield

Still image for this video

Watch the video of Mrs Booth making a shield and then design and create your own. Divide your shield into 4 sections.


The 4 sections of your shield should be as follows:

  1. Your initial
  2. A picture of your family
  3. Your favourite animal
  4. A hobby/ what you like to do in your free time

Can you make the ‘cross’ your favourite colour? You may want to draw your pictures or stick photos/clipart.


You can make your cross as big as you like!

Work through and discuss the ‘A Knight’s Armour’ PowerPoint

Can you get creative and use cardboard, tin foil & other materials to create your own suit of armour? If you want to work on a smaller scale, can you create a suit of armour for your favourite teddy or doll or create a picture.

Craft Corner with Mrs Booth


Mrs Booth has been very busy getting creative and completing some Princesses, Knights and Castles themed craft for you to have a go at home including a Princess Castle hand print picture and a paper plate dragon!


 We would love for you to have a go at some and share your masterpieces on your class Purple Mash blog for everyone to see!

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Mrs Richardson’s Victoria Sponge Cake

Still image for this video

Have a go at following the recipe to bake a Victoria Sponge cake. It is believed to be named after Queen Victoria, who was said to enjoy a slice of the delicious cake with her traditional English afternoon tea.


As a Knight or a Princess, I wonder what drink you will choose to enjoy with your slice of cake?


Challenge! Can you sequence Mrs Senogles’ pictures for making a sponge cake?