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The Three Little Pigs - House Design

After the Three Little Pigs had got rid of The Big Bad Wolf they enjoyed living together in the brick house.

However, after a while they decided it was too small for all of them and they needed to build a new house.

Can you draw a picture of a new house that you have designed for the Three Little Pigs. Can you label it to show why it is perfect for them?

You then may want to make your model of the house and test its strength! (See the construction activity on the Weekly Activity Grid)

Retelling the Story - Stick Puppets

Can you use the stick puppets when you tell a grown up the story of The Three Little Pigs? Can you use different voices for each character?

You could even act it out together!

Cut out and make these stick puppets or use the Three Pigs from the Cutting Skills activity or make some stick puppets of your own smiley

In the story of The Three Little Pigs, they used different materials to construct their houses.


Work through and discuss the Natural & Manmade materials PowerPoint Can you discuss different materials you have around your home? Are they natural or manmade?


Can you complete The Three Little Pigs material sorting activity OR make a list of your own of natural and manmade materials that you found around your home?