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Can you make a list of lots of different memories from being in Foundation this year? E.g. The Christmas play, the chicks, World Book Day etc. What was your favourite thing we have done/ learnt?

Can you create a memory jar by colouring in the template and then writing your favourite memory inside to keep it safe.

Summer Pairs Matching Game

Can you lay out the Summer Pairs cards face down on a surface/ table?


Turn over two at a time.. Do they match? If they do you can keep them. If they don’t turn them back over but don’t move them!


Can you remember where different pictures are and collect the most pairs?

Summer Colouring

Can you select and colour in a summertime picture?


What colours are you going to use?

Are you going to use colouring pencils or pens?

Can you label or write a sentence about the picture?