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Pat - a - cake Fairy Cake Recipe

Watch & Learn Pat – a – Cake Nursery Rhyme. Change the initial to match your name.


Can you follow the recipe to make some fairy cakes and then decorate them by marking them with your initial?


Hickory Dickory Dock - British Sign Language


Watch the video of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if you can learn it using British Sign Language actions.

We would love to see it so please post your videos on your Purple Mash page!

Humpty Dumpty Material Investigation

In school, we are going to test different materials to see if they would protect Humpty Dumpty when he falls off of the wall.

We are going to put some hard boiled eggs in some plastic bags with different materials and then drop them and see which one stopped Humpty from cracking.

The materials we are going to test are: sponge, plastic bricks, shredded paper, flour and baked beans

Can you complete the prediction sheet to show what you think will happen?

Have a go at the experiment at home or keep an eye on Twitter to see the results!