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Online Safety

Middleton School’s Online Safety co-ordinator is Miss Stephanie Bennett. Online safety is taught as part of the Computing Curriculum and within our Values and Ethics programmes and assemblies.


Online Safety may include:


  • Bullying by peers and people they consider ‘friends’
  • Identification and location of a child offline
  • Sexual grooming
  • Exposure to inappropriate content
  • Making or distributing illegal or inappropriate content
  • Theft of personal information
  • Self-harm
  • Exposure to racist or hate material
  • Encouragement of violent behaviour, such as ‘happy slapping’
  • Glorifying activities such as drug taking or excessive drinking
  • Physical harm to young people in making video content, such as enacting and intimidating student and risk taking activities
  • Leaving and running away from home as a result of contacts made


(the above information is taken from MKSB training material)


Middleton Policies relating to online safety can be accessed via the following links: