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Wednesday 6th January

WALT Understand the importance of communication


The non-core learning today is PSHE. We will be discussing the meaning of communication and why it is important. 

Your task will be to write an email to on purple mash using "2email", your teacher will demonstrate how to do this in the live lesson. All emails should be sent to Miss Wakley so that she can see and mark them. However, you may choose to write your email to a friend or another teacher. In your email, you could talk about what you did over the holidays, what you are missing about school, what you like about being at home and what you are looking forward to doing after lockdown. 


Below are some sentence starters to support you in writing your email. Children who normally choose 1 star or 2 star activities may choose to use these sentence starters. Children who choose 3 star should write their email independently.