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This page is where you will find tasks for non-core lessons (history, geography etc.) We will upload the tasks all at once for the week - you can do them in your own time. Next week, different lessons will be uploaded.

Week commencing 1.3


This week you have an RE project to work on. Please see PowerPoint from the live lesson below. 

Week commencing 22nd February 


On Monday at 1:15, Mr Higgs will be delivering a live science lesson.

On Tuesday at 1:15, Miss King will be introducing the new history project in a live lesson.

After both the lessons, the powerpoints will be uplaoded to the website. Please join the sessions so we can explain to you the tasks and you can ask any questions.

Week commencing 8.2.21




It is now time to construct your rollercoaster! Please see the PowerPoint below that we used in the live lesson. 

Safer Internet Day


Below are the resources we will be using in today's Computing lesson. We will go through the tasks in the live lesson. 

Week commencing 1.2.21




The science lesson this week is live. Please join in to find out what we will be learning about. Resources shared in the lesson will be on the website after the live lesson. 




Tune in on Wednesday when Miss King will launch the new Geography project. 

Week Commencing 25th January 



On Monday at 1:15pm, Miss Bird will be introducing to you a music project for the week. Resources from will be posted here once the live lesson has finished. 

Then on Wednesday at 1:15pm, Miss Bird will be continuing with the Fresh Prince singing lesson.




On Tuesday at 1:15pm, Miss King will be delivering a live lesson to talk about your results from your investigation and what to do with them. Please make sure you have completed your investigation before Tuesday 

Week Commencing 18th January 



During the live lesson, Miss King explained your task. The powerpoint is below. We want you to be creative! Make something linked to The Mayans. We are looking forward to seeing what you create.



On Tuesday 19th January at 1:15, Miss Bird will be continuing with the music lesson from last week live. 



We will be continuing with our investigation. At 2:00pm on Wednesday, Mr Higgs will be explaining what you need to do and then will upload the powerpoint. Please join him for the live lesson so you know how to carry out your investigation carefully. 

Week commencing 11th January 



There is a live lesson for this science lesson on Wednesday 13th January at 1:15pm. This is were we will explain what you need to do.

If you cannot make the live lesson, read through the powerpoint and if you have any questions, please speak to your teacher on the blog.



Please read through the powerpoint - there are 2 tasks for you to complete.

For Geography this week, you will need to research countries in the east of South America. We have done two lessons like this in school, so this will be a familiar format for you to follow. Please read through the powerpoint and then complete the task at the end. Also attached is a template you can use to help you on what to include in your work. 


Music this week is a live lesson on Thursday 14th January 2021 at 1:15pm. You don't need any resources for this lesson, just to log onto the teams link and enjoy!

Week Commencing 4/1/2021



There are a couple of task you can chose to do. The first is to research the different body systems and their functions. The second it to follow the instructions to try to make a paper model of the circulatory system! Good luck! 



Art and history 


The powerpoints for these subjects explain your tasks. Please upload to purple mash.

Computing and RE


Please see the links below to access the Computing and RE resources. Work your way through the tasks in the power points and upload your work to Purple Mash.