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Year 5 Viking Day

On Friday 1st February, Year 5 participated in an interactive Viking Day.


The large hall was transformed into a Viking village and we spent our morning completing various jobs. These included: weaving a sail for a viking longboat, making casts for metal, weaving Viking bracelets, making candles, casting runes out of clay & stitching a bag, weaving a Viking necklace, making Viking medicines to treat different ailments, crushing oak wood to make ink, moulding clay into Viking pottery and producing their names on parchment.


In the afternoon we took part in an archaeological dig to recover different Viking artefacts and discover who would have used them in the village and what their function was.


All in all it was an exciting and engaging day that the children all seemed to greatly enjoy. They learnt lots of new information about our topic and were commended on their exceptional behaviour and effort by our visitor.