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Primary Performance League Tables


The Primary Performance league tables have been published today. We are pleased to announce that Middleton is in the top 100 schools in the whole country for the percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard at the end of Key Stage Two. (Out of 20’840 schools). A huge well done to all of our pupils, parents/carers, staff and governors. We are thrilled with this as it means that our children leave Middleton with all the tools they need to succeed in their chosen secondary schools.


In the local Milton Keynes league tables Middleton children are top for the average score in both reading and maths, achieving an average score of 112 in both subjects. This score shows how well pupils performed in the Key Stage 2 reading and maths tests. This score is known as the reading and maths ‘scaled score’. The expected standard is a score of 100 or more. The higher standard is 110 or more so overall our children achieved a very high standard in both subjects.


Well done to everybody!