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My Family and other Ghosts

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Friday 27th March  - Friday 3rd April


For book club this week, please read the chapters and complete the activities one by one. 


Chapter 25:

What things can you do with garlic? Make a list of creative ideas

Chapter 26:

How could Ivy get rid of all of the ghosts? Think of an idea and explain it in words and pictures. 

Chapter 27 & 28:

Where have all of the ghosts gone? Predict what you think has happened. Write a note from Grandpa Digby explaining where he and the other ghosts have gone.

Chapter 29:

Write a notice to guests explaining why there are no ghosts at Grave Grange.

Chapter 30:

What questions would you like to ask Grandpa Digby if he returns? Write a list of 10 questions

Chapter 31:

Design a ghost for the Grave Grange Hotel. Label the picture and write an explanation. 



Friday 3rd April - Friday 10th April


For Book Club this week, please read the chapter and complete the activity one by one. 


Chapter 32:

If you were a guest at The Grave Grange, what questions would you like to ask Ivy and Ash? Write down 10 questions. 


Chapter 33:

What is Sir Harold Graves going to say? Write a paragraph.


Chapter 34:

Write a prediction of what you think will happen when Ivy and Ash find the ghosts.


Chapter 35:

Have you ever been of a chase of some kind? If so, explain three things which made it unforgettable. 


Chapter 36:

What is your favourite pudding? Write a paragraph of text to describe it. 


Chapter 37:

Imagine you were one of the guests who wants to be scared. Write a review of the hotel.