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Music (Thursday)

For RE tomorrow you will need a plastic bottle (or container) preferably with a lid. The size doesn't matter. It is to make a shaker. The instructions say to put dried beans or seeds inside but you can use anything that will make a noise. If you have anything crafty to decorate it with that would be great.

Enjoy your music!

Thursday 25th February

WALT listen and appraise a genre of music



We are starting a new genre for this half term - reggae.

The song that we will be learning is called Zootime and it is by Joanna Mangona.


Log into your Charanga and go through the steps in the first lesson. You will listen to another well-known reggae song called Kingston Town by the band UB40 before starting to learning the words to Zootime.


There is an option to play your instruments along with the song which you can do if you already play an instrument or you can use household objects and pretend they are your instruments!