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Music (Friday)

Friday 5th February

WALT perform I Wanna Play in a Band


Music is a way to 'Express Yourself' which is the theme for this week's Children's Mental Health Week.


In your last music lesson, I said that you would be performing I Wanna Play in a Band in your next lesson - today is that day!


Listen and appraise

Two songs to listen to: Johnny B Goode and I Saw Her Standing There.


Warm Up

Some games to help you find the pulse.



In this activity you can drag the notes from the left hand side into the grey boxes to create your composition. When you press play, you will be able to hear what you have created over the top of I Wanna Play in a Band.


Perform the song

You can sing along to the song with or without the backing singers. You can use instruments or pretend instruments from around your house. You can video yourself rocking out to the instrumental.



The link below will take you to the page of the first music lesson where I explain how to log into Charanga and how to access the lessons on there.