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Mrs Dyer's Lego Challenge

Check out this amazing water park that Noah has made!

Alex and Jamie have been busy building this brilliant roller coaster!

An impressive hotel from Arnav!

Arnav has thought really carefully about how to make his broomstick!

Ethan has worked really hard on his fantastic boat!

Nathan has made this awesome boat!

Look at this very impressive boat from Arnav!

Arnav has been busy making these amazing cars!

Look at Jamie's awesome model of an alien space ship!

Arnav has been very creative with his alien space ship!

Mrs Dyer's son Dexter had lots of fun building his tower!

Noah's been busy creating this amazing Star Wars set!

Mr Hughes' son Finley's dream house (with a little bit of help from daddy)!

Julia's creations are fantastic!

Look at Emma's amazing house!

Mrs Dyer's son Dexter really enjoyed making his own rocket (with a little bit of help from his Mummy!).

Check out these photos of some of the amazing rockets that have been sent in!

Noah H in Year 5 has been busy making this amazing Lego roller coaster!