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The Secret of Nightingale Wood 

By Lucy Strange

As I walked through the garden, my shadow stretched ahead of me, towards the mysterious forest. It sat there darkly, like a thundercloud that had fallen from the sky.


It is the summer of 1919 when Henrietta Abott (Henry for short) and her family – Mama, Father, Nanny Jane and her baby sister who everyone calls Piglet – move to Hope House. Tragic events have left the family fragile, hoping the new house will bring with it the fresh start they all so desperately need.


But Mama is ill and when Henry’s father takes a job abroad the family is left under the care of Doctor Hardy, a man Henry doesn’t trust. As Doctor Hardy exerts more control over the family Henry finds herself drawn-in by the house - its secret stairways, hidden doors, unexplained sounds and shadows in the candle’s guttering flame.


Then there is the mysterious firelight that glows in the distant trees beyond the garden, in the close-knit darkness of Nightingale Wood. What Henry finds there will change her whole world forever.

Waterstones review:

This thrilling debut is a chills-down-your-spine ghost story with a richly involving secret at its heart. With overtones of classic children’s mysteries like Moonfleet and Tom’s Midnight Garden this is a book to savor as the night draws in.


From the 'Love for Reading' website (child based reviews):

  • Alex age 11 - 'I recommend this book to age 10+ readers who like suspense and mystery and a bit of magic. I give it 10/10.'
  • Judith, age 11  - 'This book is absolutely stunning but beware it's not for the faint of heart.'
  • Mia, age 10 - 'I would recommend this book to anyone aged 9+ who enjoys reading books on adventures, mysteries, secrets and mysterious characters.'
  • Bella, age 11 - 'I couldn’t put it down for one second.'       
  • Rose, age 11 - 'adventure and excitement. This story has a great ending and is an amazing book.'
  • Matilda, age 10 - 'An amazing book that tells a strong story.'
  • Alex, age 10 - 'The book is set just after WW1, so the story is full of interesting historical details.'
  • Maya Watson, age 10 - 'I loved this book as it made me want to find out what would happen next and I think I identified with Henry as I am a young girl who loves books too. I loved the themes of friendship and fairy tales.'
  • Mariyya, age 9 - 'I enjoyed reading this book. It's awesome. A really adventurous storyline.'
  • Jessica, age 9 - 'It's an exciting story and you will want to read it quickly to find out what happens to Henry.'