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Monday - PSHE/ History

Monday 18th January

WALT: understand the importance of respect through learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.


Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. When we are thinking about the significance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy, we can also think about our value of the month which is respect.




  • Can you find the definition of respect?
  • Can you think of an example of when you have shown respect?
  • Can you think of an example when you have been shown respect by someone? How did you feel?



Watch the videos below to help you answer these questions:

  • Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
  • Why do we remember him?
  • How did Martin Luther King, Jr. believe people should be treated?


Challenge question: How do you think life would be different now if Martin Luther King, Jr. hadn't stood up for what he believed in?

You may want to carry out extra research to find out more information about Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy. 




Follow this video tutorial to create a portrait of Martin Luther King.



Martin Luther King, Jr. had big dreams about making our world a better place. Surround your portrait with what you would like to see happen to make our world a better place, just like this example. Think about what is important to you. What kind of world do you want to live in?


In the tutorial, they use paint but you could use colouring pencils, crayons or felt tips.