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Monday 18th January
WALT: Research and write about a significant individual


This week for English, we are going to be linking our learning with the learning you have been doing in History. 

Today we will be researching Samuel Pepys (a very famous person who lived during the Great Fire of London.)


Below are some videos and a PowerPoint you can use to help you. 

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys - Great Fire of London

Copyright BBC

An Interview with Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys answers Year 2's questions about The Great Fire of London.

Samuel Pepys facts

Information to help with your fact file

Choose one of the following tasks to complete.


One star - a short fact file and a sentence about why Samuel Pepys is significant (important).

Two star - a more detailed fact file

Three star - your own fact file/leaflet/poster/video/PowerPoint to tell us all the information you have learnt about Samuel Pepys. You can do this by hand or on the computer - you can choose.




You may not be able to type directly on to these fact files as they are PDFs. However you can just write the headings on to a piece of paper or type them on to your own word document - whichever is easiest for you. The format of the work isn't important, we are just looking to see what new facts you have learnt about Samuel Pepys.


Below I have attached some reading comprehensions from extracts of Samuel's diary. There are one, two and three star options. I have also attached the answers for you so you can check your answers yourself. There is no need to submit this to Purple Mash as a very important part of the task is you checking the answers yourself, seeing if you have missed any key details and correcting your answers.