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Monday (DT)

Monday 6th July 2020

WALT design and make a worry monster

Monsters are in lots of books and sometimes they are seen as big, scary characters.



BUT some monsters are here to help you like worry monsters.


Link to value of the month - mindfulness

The strange situation we are all in, the end of the school year and finding out your new teacher for Year 3 can all be reasons why you have a few worries at the moment. It is all normal to have these feelings but sometimes we need to think of ways to deal with what we are thinking and feeling. Here comes the worry monster!

Worry monster poem

The monster that you design and make today can be different to the one that you have created for English.

Look at the pictures below to see some ideas of what you could make. You could use a toilet roll tube, a tissue box or even use papier-mâché.