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We were SO impressed by the letters of persuasion that you wrote to the crayons. You all came up with lots of thoughtful ideas to cheer them up.



  • Isobel , Caitlin and Ralph suggested that the sun could be a mixture of orange and yellow.
  • Bea offered to take Yellow Crayon and Orange Crayon to her favourite café to colour in a picture using just their colours.
  • Harrison was willing to give Blue Crayon a small rubber to stand on so that he could see out of the crayon box.
  • Anna would give Blue Crayon a shiny thimble to stand on or even carve out a small window in the box.
  • Lera and Evie-Mae offered to spend lots of time with Pink crayon and Jorge promised to draw pink trees and dinosaurs.
  • Lilly and Chloe promised to use Pink Crayon more too and apologised for saying pink was just a colour for girls.
  • Reyansh , Zoya, Kyle, Laura  and Aidan offered to make Peach Crayon a new, better wrapper.
  • Shahd explained the reasons why she didn’t use White Crayon that much.
  • Greta promised to give Red Crayon a rest over the holidays by using Pink Crayon to colour in hearts and tinsel and White Crayon to colour in Santa’s beard and boots.
  • Avelyn promised to give Red Crayon a break too and even offered to sew him a nice, warm blanket using her new sewing skills.
  • Ethan and Belle promised Purple Crayon that they would practise colouring inside the lines.
  • Neiva will use Brown Crayon and Beige Crayon equally.



Monday 29th June

WALT: Plan a letter of complaint


Tomorrow, we would like you to write a complaint letter. Today, we are going to plan it. 


We would love for you to join us for our live lesson today. We will discuss the activities and share ideas to help you write your letters tomorrow. If you can't make it, the lesson will be recorded for you. 


Duncan received complaint letters from his crayons. Tomorrow you are going to imagine that you are a different object and you are going to write a letter about what you are unhappy about. 


Activity One:


Choose three different objects. It could be a glue stick, your schoolbag or even your fridge. What do you think they could be complaining about? You can use the template below if you wish or just write your ideas down on a piece of paper.


Think about:


  • Why might they go on strike?
  • What would their personalities be like?
  • Would one object be angrier than the others?


Perhaps you could even create your own strike signs for your objects.  

Activity Two:


Choose one of your objects from the first activity. Tomorrow, you are going to write a letter of complaint imagining that you are that object.  Here is an example letter from our fed up and dried up friends, the glue sticks. What have they included in their letter?

Use the sheet below to help you plan your letter. Read through the letters from the crayons to give you some ideas for your letter of complaint. You will want to include questions, CAPITALISATION, exclamations and underline key words. Make sure you keep your plan ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

Letters from the crayons