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For your task on our value of positivity we would like for you to read through the powerpoint and then complete one of the tasks below, you do not need to do both.


Task 1


Create a positivity book. Decorate it with things that make you happy. This could be your favourite song, favourite food, pictures of your family etc. Then every day, write down 3 positive things that have happened that day. You could ask your family to help you decide and it will a great memory to look back at one day.




Task 2

Create a positivity Jar/Cup

To make this you will need:


  • an empty jar or container
  • pieces of paper (can be colourful)
  • pens and pencils 
  • other crafty bits to decorate


You can do it in different ways.

1. Fill your jar with as many positive thoughts and messages  that you can think of. These could be things like "you are loved", "you have made someone proud today" or "you have worked really hard today". 


Once you have done this, you can pick out one piece paper everyday and hopefully it will make you smile. Or you could give the completed jar to a friend as a positive present.


2. Make your jar look beautiful. Once a day, write down anything positive that has happened, that you've done, heard or seen. Soon your jar will be full of lovely little gems of happiness. At the end of the year you can look back on all of the positive things that have happened.


As this will be an on-going task you can upload a picture towards the end of the month or when the jar/book is full.