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WALT retell a story


Today we would like you to choose 1 of the Australian dream stories (they are on the previous page) and create a comic strip or story board retelling the story. Below you will see possible templates that you could use, alternatively you could use the blank comic book template in 2Publish Plus in the tools area on Purple Mash or you could draw your own template on a piece of paper - it's up to you! Please make sure you make your comic book or story board colourful as it would be lovely to be able to share some of your work on our Twitter feed for children further down the school to see. 


Mild - Use images and text on your story board or comic strip. You must put the story into your own words and not just copy the text from the power point or pdf. Please show that you can use parenthesis in your writing. 


Spicy - For your story board or comic strip you need to re-write the story into your own words and include speech and thought bubbles that characters might use. Please show that you can use a range of parenthesis and interesting adjectives to add description. 


Hot - Your story board of comic strip should include speech and thought bubbles, parenthesis, relative clauses, colons and semi-colons.