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Monday 1st

Monday 1st March 2021

WALT: retrieve information from a text


We would love if you could join us for our live lesson this morning at 9.30am. We will be recapping our reading comprehension skills and learning all about World Book Day. 


If you cannot join us this time, please work through the PowerPoint and resources below and choose a challenge to work through before submitting your work to Purple Mash.

Independent Activities


Please pick ONE of the following activities to complete. Stay on the live lesson as Mr Prescott will reading through the text and discussing the how to find the answers to different questions J


* Mild/ ** Spicy/ *** HotWorld Book Day Reading Comprehension - Highlight the text to show where you have found each answer




Challenge! Can you create a poster that could be displayed around school for World Book Day which shows some of the key information you have learnt?