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Monday 22nd February 2021

WALT retell a story


Today, we learned the story 'Tell Me a Dragon'. Look at the story map that has been uploaded to remind you.


Once you have learnt the story, draw the pictures into the boxed up templates. We will be using this to help us write our own description about our own dragon later in the week.


You can watch Miss Hemmings perform the text map if you need a reminder!

Here is a pdf of the story map!

Tell Me a Dragon story map

Still image for this video
For grown ups, here is the story map script. The children should learn the story through the pictures and actions.

My dragon is made from the sun and stars, sparkling stardust across the sky.
My dragon eats sweet perfumed flowers.
When she laughs, petals ride down her breath.
My dragon is snaggle-toothed, fierce and brave.
My dragon is as big as a village.
Her tail is as long as a river.
My dragon is a sea dragon, racing dolphins through the waves.

***Note for parents***


If you are particularly enjoying the dragon theme for this week's English, you could download the app 'AR Dragon' and put a dragon into your house or garden!