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Monday 1st March 2021

WALT perform and illustrate a verse of a poem


Until World Book Day on Thursday (and remember it is No Screen Day on Wednesday!), we will be looking at The Cat in the Hat.


Today, we are looking at Dr Seuss' style of writing which includes lots of rhyme and poetry. In the live lesson, we explored a verse and had a go at drawing pictures to match.


For your task today, choose a verse to perform and draw pictures to illustrate. We would love to see any videos of you performing your verse, thinking about the rhythm and rhyme.


For tomorrow's lesson, you will need to have read the story and understood it. Please do not read the story until you have completed the task! We would like you to compare your pictures with the ones in the story once you are finished.

When you are illustrating your verse, think about these questions:


What characters are mentioned?

What are they doing?

What expression might they have?

Where might they be?

How many people?

What animal?


As a challenge, can you spot the rhyming words?

The Cat in the Hat