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WALT measure in cm


This week we are moving on to some practical maths as we are going to be doing some measuring. In today's lesson we are learning about measuring in centimetres (cm). You will need a ruler or a tape measure to help you through your learning.


If you didn't make it to the live lesson or you want to go over what we did again, the Powerpoint is below.

Live lesson Powerpoint


Complete the 2Do on Purple Mash. Then you can have a try at measuring objects around your house in the the 2/3 star activity.


2 and 3 STAR

Use the document that has been attached. Find objects around your house, guess the length in cm and then measure it to see how close you were.


Extra activities

Design a poster that we could put up in the classroom to give children some tips about using a ruler and measuring in centimetres (cm).


Practise of measuring using a ruler -