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Each day there will be a live lesson at 9:30am. The teacher will talk you through the maths and then be available to help you if you need. If you need help outside of the live lesson, please write on the blog. 


Please think carefully about the tasks you chose to do - there are different difficulty levels. Challenge yourself, but do not struggle.


Lessons will be uploaded the night before we go through them.



Please complete one sheet per day. 

Friday 5th March 



Thursday 4th March 


WALT: Create graphs based on data


As it is World book day, today's maths lesson is going to be based on a book. Miss Bird will read the book to you and then explain the task.

Tuesday 2nd March


WALT: Know properties of shapes

Monday 1st March


WALT: Interpret and answer questions on timetables.

Friday 26th February 


WALT: Create our own maths questions

Thursday 25th February 


WALT: Understand and create expressions 

Wednesday 24th February 


WALT: Use the four operations for fractions 

Tuesday 23rd February 


WALT: Find the whole from a fraction of an amount

Monday 22nd February 


WALT: Work out fractions of amounts.

Friday 12th February 


You have worked really hard this week on percentages so we have given you a mystery challenge to solve today. You can chose which level you would like to have a go at.

Thursday 11th February 


WALT: Work out missing values involving percentages.

Wednesday 10th February 


WALT: work out percentages of amounts

Tuesday 9th February 


WALT: Compare and order fractions, decimals and percentages.

Monday 8th February 


WALT: Work out equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

Friday 5th February 


WALT: Write our own reasoning questions


Mr Higgs will talk you through the rules and the 'dos' and 'don'ts' for writing your own questions.


Thursday 4th February 


Today there are a number of different challenges for you to try. You must try one of the ratio problems (you can choose which level) and then you can move on to any challenges you like.



Wednesday 3rd February


WALT: link ratio to proportions and fractions.

Tuesday 2nd February 


WALT: understand and solve problems involving ratios.

Monday 1st February 


WALT: know parts of a circle and solve problems 

Friday 29th January 


WALT: calculate scale factors 


Thursday 28th January 


WALT: solve problems.


We have had a tricky couple of days with coordinates so we wanted to do something a little different today. Mr Higgs will be running the live lesson and explain the tasks. There are a number of different tasks for you to choose from. 

 Wednesday 17th January 


WALT: Translate shapes across 4 quadrants 

Tuesday 26th January


WALT: reflect shapes across the 4 quadrants

Monday 25th January 


WALT: write arithmetic questions


Slightly different task today! During the live lesson we will explain it to you but in case you cannot join us, here is the task.

We have provided you with the answers to an arithmetic test. Your challenge is to provide the questions! Think about the style of questions you have seen previously in an arithmetic paper. You can write your questions on a piece of paper - make sure it is clear which numbers you are doing.

Friday 22nd January 


WALT: Solve problems using positive learning behaviours 


Today's lesson is you can choose some problems to solve. It does not matter what you would like to do. You need to read the instructions and think carefully. A positive learning attitude is key!



Thursday 21st January 


WALT: plot coordinates over 4 quadrants and solve problems 

Wednesday 20th January 


WALT: Calculate angles in a quadrilateral.

Tuesday 19th January 


WALT: Calculate angles in  triangle 

Monday 18th January 


WALT: Calculate missing angles 

Friday 15th January 


Slightly different lesson today. There are some challenges for you to have a go at which get progressively harder. 



Thursday 14th January 


WALT: Work out the mean from data

Wednesday 13th January 


WALT: understand and interpret pie charts.

Tuesday 12th January 


WALT: Interpret and draw line graphs 

Monday 11th January 


WALT: Interpret and draw pictographs and bar charts 

Friday 8th January 


WALT: Work out and solve problems involving areas of triangles

Thursday 7th January 


WALT: work out and solve problems involving perimeter and area

Wednesday 6th July 

Today's lesson is about converting between miles and kilometres. 



Tuesday 5th January 


This lesson is about converting between different units.