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'This Little Piggy' Sequencing

This Little Piggy | Nursery Rhyme for Kids

Watch & Learn the Nursery Rhyme on YouTube and then use your hand or foot to sequence  ‘This Little Piggy’


Cut out and order the pictures to show what each little piggy did.


Challenge! Can you write out the nursery rhyme?

Hickory Dickory Dock Clock


Watch & Learn the Nursery Rhyme on YouTube. Go through simple time language for o’clock. Discuss what times we do different things during the day e.g. lunchtime = 12 o clock


Make a paper plate clock using post it notes and sequencing the numbers in the correct order up to 12.


Use a clock face to support you.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Have a look at the I Spy counting sheet with an adult. Which different nursery rhyme characters can you see?


Take the first character Humpty Dumpty. How many can you count on the I Spy sheet? Cross out each Humpty Dumpty as you count it so you don’t make any mistakes and write your answer in the box.


Repeat for the other characters and then use the answer sheet to check.