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Oh dear! Monty’s monsters have got all muddled up! Please can you help him to sort them out!


You have 3 sheets to choose from for sorting the monsters:

  • 1 eye/2 eyes
  • Spotty/ stripy
  • Hat/ No Hat


Challenge! Can you come up with your own criteria for sorting the monsters? How will you sort them?

Counting Monsters Sheet


Can you count how many Monsters you can see and write the correct number in the circle?


Use your finger to touch each character as you count them or put a mark next to them on your sheet so you don’t count them twice!

Hungry Monster Subtraction Cards


All of Monty’s monsters have been having a party! There is one very hungry monster who has been sneakily eating all of the party food!


 Hungry Monster is at the party and is very hungry. He is holding a number to show how many items of food he would like to eat from each plate. Can you say out loud the number sentence to show how much food you need to take away once Hungry Monster has eaten it?


Challenge! Can you write the number sentence down?

Number Formation & Sequencing


Create Number cards from 1 to 30


Create some number cards from post it notes or pieces of paper. Shuffle them up and put into a pile. Can you put the cards in the correct order from 1 to 30?


Can you then have a go at writing them down? Practise any numbers that are tricky.


Challenge! Can you order the numbers in descending order from 30 down to 1? Can you order higher numbers? Can you take a number away and see if your child can spot the mistake?