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Can you cut out the 2D shapes and arrange them to create a picture of a castle? (You may choose to do Black & White version and then colour it in)  

Challenge! Can you label the 2D shapes you have used?

Mrs Booth modelling the 2D shape castle

Still image for this video

Mrs Booth modelling labelling the 2D shape castle

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Counting Zog & Friends

Counting Characters Sheet


Can you count how many of the different characters from Zog you can see on the sheet and then write the correct number in the box?



Use your finger to touch each character as you count them or put a mark next to them on your sheet so you don’t count them twice!

Zog Repeating Patterns


Can you complete the repeating patterns of Zog and his friends?


If you do not have a printer you can draw the patterns straight into your homework book or onto a piece of paper.


Challenge! Can you create your own repeating patterns by either drawing or cutting out and sticking the characters from Zog?

Positional Language - Help Zog find his way back to Dragon School

Positional Language

Still image for this video

Last week, you did lots of learning with Miss Oldfield on positional language. Can you put this to the test by helping Zog to find his way back to Dragon School?


You will need to use your left and right.. You can work this out by holding up your hands with your palms facing away from you. You can make an L between your index finger and thumb on your left hand. Practise your left and right by watching the youtube video below


When you help Zog mark the route out first with a pencil and then colour it in.


Challenge! Can you create a new route of your own back to Dragon School?

Number Sequencing to 30


Create Number cards from 1 to 30


Create some number cards from post it notes or pieces of paper. Shuffle them up and put into a pile. Can you put the cards in the correct order from 1 to 30?


Can you then have a go at writing them down? Practise any numbers that are tricky.


Challenge! Can you order the numbers in descending order from 30 down to 1? Can you order higher numbers? Can you take a number away and see if your child can spot the mistake?