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Ordering Numbers

Can you create some number cards from post it notes or pieces of paper?


Shuffle them up and put into a pile.

Can you put the cards in the correct order from 1 to 20?

Can you then have a go at writing them down? (You can use the number line to support you) Remember to practise any numbers that are tricky.


Challenge! Can you order the numbers in descending order from 20 down to 1?

Can you order higher numbers?

Can you take a number away and see if your child can spot the mistake?

Weight & Measure - Making Playdough


Still image for this video

Can you follow the recipe to make playdough with your child?


Encourage them to help weigh out different ingredients and discuss the measurements. Which is heavier? lighter? etc.


Once you have made your playdough you may wish to complete the building activity in the Physical Section of the website. 


Challenge! Can you weigh some other objects around the house and create a list?

The Three Little Pigs - Size Ordering

Can you cut out the different pictures of the Big Bad Wolf and order them from largest to smallest?


Encourage your child to use size language to describe and discuss each picture.


Challenge! Can you label the ‘largest’ and ‘smallest’ wolf?

Can you complete The Three Little Pigs addition sheets by adding all of the objects to find the answer?


Challenge! Can you complete The Three Little Pigs Challenge sheet?