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Easter Dot to Dots

Follow the numbers in the correct order and hold your pencil correctly to trace and complete the picture.

Can you make it colourful?

Can you complete the repeating patterns? You will need colouring pencils or pens to complete this activity.


If you do not have a printer you can draw the patterns straight into your homework book.


Option 1: Easter Egg Repeating Patterns (2 colours)


Option 2: Easter Egg Repeating Patterns (3 colours)

Challenge!  Can you create some of your own Easter Egg Repeating Patterns?

Thursday - 2D Shape Picture.mp4

Still image for this video

Can you hold your scissors correctly and cut out each piece before arranging and sticking it into your homework book?


What 2D shapes can you see? 


Challenge! Can you label them?

Can you complete the missing number Easter eggs?*

If you cannot print the sheet off, you can create your own.


Option 1: 0 to 20 (You can stop at 10 if you need to) 

Option 2: 20 to 30


Challenge! Can you go all the way up to 50?


*Please make a note of any numbers that your child finds difficult to recognise and form and then practise these regularly. 

Easter 2D Shape Search

How many of each 2D shape can you spot in the Easter pictures?


Can you write onto the sheet or copy the sentences into your homework book?